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小君 4 2024

TC Energy shareholders approve spinoff of South Bow and elect Board of Directors at the 2024 annual and special meeting

卡尔加里, 阿尔伯塔省, 6月04, 2024年(环球新闻专线)-新闻发布- TC能源公司(TSX, NYSE: TRP) (TC Energy or the Company) is pleased to announce today that its shareholders voted to approve the spinoff of the Company’s 液体 Pipelines business and elected TC Energy’s Board of Directors at its 2024 annual and special meeting of shareholders. TC Energy shareholders voted in favour of the Arrangement Resolution, 根据, 除此之外, TC能源股东将收到...

五月 15 2024

TC Energy to appeal Delaware court rulings in lawsuit related to 2016 Columbia Pipeline acquisition

卡尔加里, 阿尔伯塔省, 5月15日, 2024年(环球新闻专线)-新闻发布- TC能源公司(TSX, NYSE: TRP) (TC Energy or the Company) strongly disagrees with the final decision issued today by the Delaware Chancery Court (the “Court”) allocating liability for earlier determined damages in an ongoing class action lawsuit related to TC Energy’s 2016 acquisition of Columbia Pipeline Group Inc. (“哥伦比亚”). 最高法院此前裁定, 在2023年6月发布的一项决定中, 哥伦比亚大学前首席执行官兼首席财务官...

五月 3 2024


TC Energy Corporation today announced that its Board of Directors (Board) declared a quarterly dividend of $0.96 per common share for the quarter ending 小君e 30, 2024, on the Company’s outstanding common shares. 普通股股息将于7月31日支付, 2024, 于六月二十八日收市时,向登记在案的股东派发, 2024. The Board also declared quarterly dividends on the outstanding Cumulative...

tce - ros - 2023 - 1200 - x67 - b&w.jpg


管理环境, social and governance (环境、社会和治理) risks and opportunities are critical to providing the world with sustainable, 可负担且安全的能源. 在这些领域取得进展, we are actively modernizing our existing energy systems and assets across North America through innovation, 减少排放, 投资低碳能源技术和基础设施.

在我们的 可持续发展年报, we share the actions we are taking to progress on our targets and evolve how we move, generate and store more secure and sustainable energy for North America.

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TC Energy strives to be a leader in the delivery of energy in a safe, 负责任和可持续的态度, 确保我们的定位是最大化长期价值创造.

Being a leader also means listening to our stakeholders and communicating candidly about our performance and approach, 旨在提供全面的, 决策有用和材料披露对我们的环境, 社会与治理管理.

访问我们的 环境、社会和治理部分 了解更多有关环境、社会及管治的知识.


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